WHEN?  WHY?  & HOW? 

The key to our hair philosophy is to understand the choices we make in regards to When? Why? and How? we do things.

We accept that the decisions we make can only be supported with strong foundations.

It is therefore paramount that we understand and constantly analyse When? Why? and How?

The concept of When? Why? and How? is applicable to every choice you make when working with hair. Whether you are cutting, colouring or dressing hair the choices made are paramount to the final result and have a direct impact on your preference of tools, lengths and techniques used.

When should you? When should you not? Why should you? Why should you not? Which in turn leads you to the How; How to or How not to.

We believe that any tool or technique can be powerful in knowledgeable hands.

Success is all about the choices we make; When? Why? and How?

Alongside understanding the When? Why? and How? Allilon has created The Allilon language of hair with the purpose of uniting hairdressers all round the globe with one common language helping standardise our industry and the way education is shared. By having a communal language we can avoid confusion and elevate the perception of our industry giving it the respect it deserves.

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