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Teacher Training

Develop yourself or your team as educators.

Teacher Training


Our Teacher Training program is designed to identify members of your team who have the potential to develop into your own in-house Educators. Their role would be to implement the techniques and systems they have learnt and to standardise the level at which your salon/school will perform. We will help develop either you or your Educators from within your team, allowing your company to become sustainable by training and producing your next generation of stylists/educators internally.

What you will learn

After a thorough consultation process we will look at needs of either yourself or your team and plan a strategy on creating a sustainable system for you and your team using the following agenda.

  1. Asking for help
  2. Being a new teacher
  3. First impressions
  4. Introducing the course
  5. Facilities
  6. Health & safety
  7. School rules
  8. Setting up – Work session/demonstration areas
  9. Expect the unexpected
  10. Adult to adult education approach
  11. Learning the psychological approach of 3 way conversation
  12. Body language
  13. Teacher’s equipment
  14. Teachers file
  15. Company philosophy
  16. Company profile
  17. Education pack
  18. Reception
  19. Researching your course
  20. Teaching step by step
  21. Dealing and handling complaints with difficult – models, students and clients (does and dont’s)
  22. Demonstration skills
  23. Voice tone
  24. Eye contact
  25. Body positioning
  26. Open ended questions
  27. Stage awareness
  28. Products
  29. Linking
  30. Knowing your subject matter
  31. Engaging the audience
  32. Timing
  33. Working to a camera
  34. Understanding the audience
  35. Beginning, middle & end
  36. Working with interpreters
  37. Controlling difficult audience when demonstrating
  38. Key points to remember when demonstrating
  39. Introduction to cultural studies




  • Our standard course student/teacher ratio is four to one. That’s the lowest in the industry. We’re dedicated to giving each student all the support they need to really flurush and grow.

  • Why, when & how? Our courses will revolutionise the way you think about cutting hair and instil in you an understanding of the craft at a truly fundamental level.

  • Our passion for education is unparalleled. We teach you like on of our own. Our tutors are respected world class hair professionals with illustrious careers and proven track records.

Who is this course for?

This program is designed for either an individual who has the dream of becoming an educator or a Salon/academy owners who would like build a sustainable business with education as its foundation.


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