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Men’s Hairdressing

Welcome to the Allilon world of Barbering

Men’s Hairdressing


Our barbering course is designed to build confidence and understanding in mens hair cutting. Exploring suitability with regards to head and face shapes, understanding choice of length and styles, corner placements, dealing with difficult growth patterns, working with hairlines, scissor/clipper over comb, freehand and refining. This course is a must for anyone who is looking to gain in-depth knowledge in the world of barbering.

Course content:

• Power point lecture

• Demonstrations on mannequins

• Hand on work session on mannequins and live model

What you will learn

A clear understanding of how to approach mens haircuts of all lengths.

Better understanding of how to create the look that you want.

Train you eye to improve your awareness of colour fading and blending corners.

An understanding of exactly how to control men’s shapes and fade.


  • Our standard course student/teacher ratio is four to one. That’s the lowest in the industry. We’re dedicated to giving each student all the support they need to really flurush and grow.

  • Why, when & how? Our courses will revolutionise the way you think about cutting hair and instil in you an understanding of the craft at a truly fundamental level.

  • Our passion for education is unparalleled. We teach you like on of our own. Our tutors are respected world class hair professionals with illustrious careers and proven track records.

Who is this course for?

Further your understanding of men’s barbering, and revisit classic techniques.

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