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Diagram Training Course

Document your work in a precise and professional way.

Diagram Training Course


In addition to technical excellence, Diagram training is a fundamental part to the way we teach our own staff. We believe if you are able to draw your work, it shows true understanding and mastery of our craft.


What you will learn

You will be exposed to the step by step process of documenting your work properly.

Course content:

• Power point lecture

• Demonstrations (primary shapes) while drawing step by step

• Supervised drawing step by step

• Demonstrations (primary disconnection) while drawing step by step

• Supervised drawing step by step


  • Our standard course student/teacher ratio is four to one. That’s the lowest in the industry. We’re dedicated to giving each student all the support they need to really flurush and grow.

  • Why, when & how? Our courses will revolutionise the way you think about cutting hair and instil in you an understanding of the craft at a truly fundamental level.

  • Our passion for education is unparalleled. We teach you like on of our own. Our tutors are respected world class hair professionals with illustrious careers and proven track records.

Who is this course for?

This course is a must for anyone who is serious about being an Educator or for anyone who is responsible for the training within your salons.

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